History of Spinola

Ambrosio Spinola, marquis de los Balbases, Genoese general in Spanish service (1569 – 1630) followed his brother Admiral Frederico Spinola to the Netherlands. Conquered Ostend from Prince Mauritius of Nassau in 1604 after a three-year siege, and became commander-in-chief of the Spanish forces.

In 1606, received from Philip” the task of securing the Spanish succession in the Netherlands should the Archdukes Albrecht and Isabelle die childless. Pleaded unsuccessfully for peace during the Twelve Year Truce.

Working in Germany during the Thirty Years’ War, collaborated with Jilly in the conquest of the Rhine Palatinate (1620 – 1621). Took Breda in 1624 after a one-year siege. Was governor of Milan from 1629 to 1630.

Fought on the side of the Duke of Savoy against Louis xIII in the Mantuan War of Succession. Lived on the southern side of the Spiegelrei in a mansion between Van Eyck Place and English Street. Later gave his name to this part of the Spiegelrei.